About PPI

Premium Processing is a certified ISO, giving merchants a direct line to the lowest interchange rates available. PPI services merchants throughout the US, with around-the-clock processing accessibility. PPI services all industries and companies, large and small, allowing your business to accept card payments from all card entities, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. With a variety of processing solutions, Premium Processing services Retail, Restaurant, Lodging/ Hospitality, Mail Order/ Telephone Order and E-commerce markets, just to name a few.

Premium Processing offers transparent and low-cost pricing that is tailored to each individual industry and business. By taking into consideration the various elements that separate one company from the next, and focusing on the “bottom line,” PPI is able to offer your business pricing that you can understand and feel confident in.
PPI also offers the most personalized experience available, where clients can feel comfortable with their representative. By enhancing this relationship and making the line of communication more simple and direct, Premium Processing assures your business is receiving the most beneficial service available.

Mission Statement:

With a transparent and honest approach to merchant services, Premium Processing aims to develop strong, long lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with each of our merchants.

How Much Can I Save?

Contact us today for a risk-free statement analysis to find out how much your business can save in credit card processing fees each month!