What is a Merchant Services account?
Simply stated, a Merchant account is a type of bank account which enables a business to accept card payments. Card payment includes both Debit and Credit transactions from each of the main card associations. Having a Merchant Account is necessary for your business to accept card payments from customers.
How do I get started?
Getting started is simple, just fill out a Merchant Application. At Premium Processing we can walk you through the Application process so that it quick and easy.
Do I need to fill out an Application?
All businesses wishing to accept card payments will need to fill out a Merchant Application. Contact Premium Processing today for a free consultation to see what processing solution will be best for your business. If you are already accepting card payments and would like to learn more, contact Premium Processing for a complimentary statement analysis and processing solution assessment.
How long until I can start accepting card payments for my business?
Normally, businesses are able to accept card payments within 24-48 hours of submitting the Merchant Application.
How are my rates determined?
Every processor is required to pay set fees to the card associations for each transaction. These fees are commonly referred to as interchange rates. Interchange rates vary depending on three main factors, method of acceptance,  industry and card type. Method of acceptance refers to whether your business takes cards in a face-to-face environment, a telephone or mail order environment (card information is given over the phone or through mail), or through a website (e-commerce). Examples of industry would be retail, restaurant, lodging or mail order/ telephone order. Card type has a large impact on pricing, and this refers to the type of cards your business is accepting. For example, there are different rates for business cards, rewards cards and membership cards.All of these factors go into a merchant’s pricing, and at Premium Processing we pride ourselves in educating our merchants so that they understand their rates and how they are set up to reduce total costs. With this transparent approach to pricing, Premium Processing strives to develop strong, long lasting relationships with our merchants.
Is there a long term contract?
With Premium Processing merchants are not tied to long term contracts.
Where does Premium Processing stand on security?
Premium Processing values its merchants’ security. All processing solutions are Validated with the Payment Card Industry, so that both you and your customers can be assured your information and data is safe an secure.
What is PCI compliance?
PCI compliance refers to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. All merchants accepting cards are required to be in compliance. At Premium Processing, we work with our merchants closely to certify compliance, making the processing quick and easy. Being PCI compliant not only protects your business from experiencing a data compromised, but also protects the information of your customers.
How long does it take for funds to appear in my bank account?
Funds typically appear in merchants’ accounts in 2-3 days.
Can I accept cards with my smartphone?
You can accept payments directly from your iPhone. Contact Premium Processing today to lean more about our various solutions.
What kind of support will I receive with Premium Processing?
At Premium Processing, merchants will receive the most personalized service available in the industry. Our merchants have full access to a representative who is willing and able to assist them with any issues, questions or concerns that may arise.

How Much Can I Save?

Contact us today for a risk-free statement analysis to find out how much your business can save in credit card processing fees each month!