Products and Services

Premium Processing aims to work with each of our merchants to determine the best possible payment solution. In order to provide our merchants with top of the line service, PPI supports and provides a wide variety of the leading Terminals and Point of Sale equipment in the industry. Premium Processing also partners with many of the leading solution providers in the country, making your transition as easy as possible. Contact a representative to discuss which of our various solutions will work best for you.


Dial-up and IP (Internet) based Terminals

by the leading providers in the industry:
VeriFone, Hypercom

Wireless Terminal

for merchants on the go
VeriFone, iPhone Applications

POS Systems

Customized POS system to support your restaurant needs by the leading vendors in the industry.

Virtual Terminal

Accept card payments directly from your computer via a secure web-based software. Great for merchants accepting card information over the phone, reoccurring payments, or membership card acceptance.
Simply log on to the Virtual Terminal¬†website, and use the personalized¬†username and password provided for your business. Input the card numbers directly on to the site and process from the web.¬†Contact us today to see which of our products suits your business’s needs!

Ecommerce Solutions

Secure shopping carts/integration:

Use one of Premium Processing’s customized shopping cart options, or integrate to your current shopping cart. Premium Processing has partnerships with many of the top shopping cart providers in the world, making your processing transition seamless.

Contact PPI for a free consultation on which solution is best for your business.

How Much Can I Save?

Contact us today for a risk-free statement analysis to find out how much your business can save in credit card processing fees each month!